Hints and Tips




  • When cleaning excess glue, remove as much as you can away with a small scraper before cleaning with alcohol and a clean rag.


  • Always wear disposable latex gloves or similar. Change them often so as not to risk spreading glue over your board.


  • Another clever and cheap way to clean excess glue away from your board is to use baby wipes (easily found in most supermarkets and pharmacies).


  • When applying your application sticker, leave one corner un-stuck. This will make it easier to remove once your Soft Pad Eye is stuck down.


  • Use a small clean paint brush dipped in alcohol to wipe over your Pad Eyes, this will help to remove small bits of glue without moving your Pad Eye around to much.


  • If you struggle to get your bunjee/rope through the loops, open the loops up with a pen or similar. If you still struggle you could "mouse" it through with a small line.

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