The Race Handle Mounting System is an easy and hassle free way to mount a neoprene race handle to your SUP. Whether your board wasn't constructed with the possibility of adding a race handle or you want to change the position of your handle it just got a whole lot easier! Simply follow the guide below and you are away.


This style of handle is also suitable for use as a tail handle on a surf SUP. So when that big set rolls in and you need to control your board, grab your soft neoprene handle and worry no more!


When handles aren't needed they can be removed and all that remains are the small carbon discs which have a minimal and un-intrusive look which will not detract from the looks of your board.








Once you have your handles you need to cut down the bolts to suit.


The best way to do this is to put the screw through the holes in your handle straps. Then wind the screw into and all the way through your handle mount until the strap is pulled down tight on top of the mount.  


If you look from under the mount you will see the excess thread sticking through the bottom of the mount.


Count the amount of thread lines sticking through or measure with a small ruler.


Remove the screw and cut to the required length with either a hacksaw or grinder. Clean up the thread of the screw and it is ready to go.


Re assemble the handle to the mount and check that the screw does not poke out of the bottom when the handle is fastened down tightly.


The reason I supply a longer screw and not an already trimmed one is that it depends entirely on what handle you choose as to what length the screw would need to be.


In case you loose your screw and need to replace it with a new one it is a M5.


When you are ready to install your mount, wind the screw back in until its completely flush with the bottom of the mount. Apply the glue to the bottom of the mount with the screw in. This will stop the excess glue getting up inside the threaded hole. You can leave the screw in until the glue is cured, since it will easily break free from the glue.


When attaching your handle to the board be careful not to over tighten the screw. The risk is that you may over wind the screw and wind it into the deck of your board.


There are several general tips on my website for the installation process that may help you when you are ready to get going. If you need any further help please feel free to contact me on the details below.


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